Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Vermont 50: It's On!

Vermont 50, 2009

In light of the recent devastation brought on by Tropical Storm Irene, the event organizers for the Vermont 50 were still unsure about the feasibility of holding the annual VT 50 race.  I just received word this morning that the race is in fact still on, and the hearty people of VT are working hard to clean up and make the course usable.  In an email statement, they have said there will likely be a few reroutes and some additional jeep road sections in lieu of damaged single-track, however.  This doesn't bother me one bit though.   The VT50 is the race that started it all for me.  It was my first, and still one of my favourite ultras.  I will always have the softest of spots for it.  I was genuinely sad last year when I wasn't able to run it (due to my PhD Candidacy exam).  This year, I eagerly signed up in June, and have been anxiously waiting ever since.  With the big summer of ultras over for me, and number 10 now in the bag, I'm looking forward to a fun, slower-paced, fall season of running.  Nothing like running in the beautiful woods while the leaves are changing.  How could you not want to run through this?

So in just under three short weeks, I will again be trotting down the roads and trails near Brownsville VT, undoubtedly getting incredibly muddy, and giggling and smiling the entire time.  Can't wait....

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bojangles said...

There I went thinking you weren't doing anything. ha

the old band is making waves with solo albums

-Bojangles aka "therapist"