Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Badwater: Part 2

Sitting on the border (NV/AZ) at Hoover Dam

Quick update from Las Vegas.  Everything is a go!  I spent the last two days enjoying the city, buying up Walmart of various coolers, food-stuffs, and race supplies..., and taking a few side-trip detours.  I'm staying at a cliche' Vegas hotel, but one with a great fitness center and sauna!  I've been able to bake 3 times while here in the hotbox.  I think I'm finally ready to tackle the heat.

Yesterday, we did some sight-seeing, walked the Vegas strip, rode the NY roller coaster, watched some street performers, and tried to make the best of this ridiculous town.  Personally, I really enjoyed seeing the marvel that is Hoover Dam.  Plus, by walking across the dam,  it allowed me to officially visit Arizona.  Two more states have been checked off of my "visit list" on this trip!  Now if I can only find a reason to head to the dead center of the US, I'll have them all.

I picked up my pacer Josh at the airport last night and we've been hanging out around town today, mostly just taking it easy.  Tomorrow begins the journey to Furnace Creek and the shift from relax/prep race mode.  The tempo will definitely begin to escalate tomorrow.

Good news is that the forecast is currently showing a high of only 110 on both Monday and Tuesday for Death Valley.  This isn't so bad!  Guess we'll see if it holds.

Here are some pics from the last day and a half...

Flow regulators

Lake Mead

The Tillman overpass

Looking down the dam wall

Visited Nevada....obviously

Visited Arizona

Played 2 dollars (and lost)

..and I met spongebob