Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 Badwater: Part 1

Well I made it.  I made it to the interesting and somewhat mind-boggling city of Las Vegas.  I have never been to Las Vegas as quite frankly, the particular scene doesn't interest me.  I'm not a gambler, nor do I desire to sit in a windowless, clock-less room whilst my money and likely my soul get sucked away into oblivion.  Yet alas....I am here.  I might as well make the most of it and enjoy what I can.  With that said, there are quite a few crazy-eyed folks around here that probably haven't seen the light of day in a very very long time. 

Stepping off of the plane, I found myself in 112 degree temps.  It was a record high here today.  I breathed in the warm air and thought to myself, "this isn't anywhere near as hot as the sauna! My nostrils aren't even burning yet!".  I take this as a good sign.  Right now the forecast for next Monday and Tuesday has the high in Death Valley at not too bad considering it's been up closer to 125 the past week.

The travel here went well, and all of my running luggage showed up without issue.  We secured a large, white, minivan for crewing, and the hotel had our reservations all squared away.  Tomorrow we are taking a short detour over to Hoover Dam as I've always wanted to see it (and to set foot into Arizona too!).

There will be a mad Walmart and Whole Foods excursion that will be taking place later tomorrow night and on Friday to get all of my needed last minute supplies.  It will be expensive, but necessary.  

My final crew member and pacer arrive tomorrow night and eventually Saturday morning we will slowly make our way over the incredible basin and range landscape to Furnace Creek.  I'm really starting to get excited about this race!

Leaving Rochester for the city o' sin

Gaming machines in the airport!

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