Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Appalachian Trail

Well its official. May 1st I start my AT hike. I don't know how far I will go before I decide to stop, but I will be gone for at least 3 weeks. I have all my gear and food...and reservations...all that remains is for me to sort out my "mail drop boxes" and my "bounce box". I have each post office figured out, i just need to figure out my daily itinerary so that I don't end up at one on a sunday when its closed.

I am very excited about this. Ever since last spring when I was hiking the Smokies with a 50 lb pack, I've wanted to do some/all of the AT....now I will be (about 35 pounds lighter too). I am going to take a ton of pictures but may not get them uploaded until I'm done with my hike. If I make it through a town with an internet cafe' or something, I will post blog entries.

On a side note, I found a journal I had started writing in last year and I realized despite it being a very long/difficult year, I have actually accomplished many things that I set forth as goals for myself last year. On April 14th '06 I wrote this:

"So I'm pushing 30 with no real direction. Here are some things I've come up with that I want to do:

- Take a class or classes in Geology and Geography locally
- Write some songs and play out more
- Volunteer for U.S.G.S
- Volunteer for Habitat For Humanity
- Go on 3 or more hiking trips
- Study for GRE and take
- Investigate Graduate Schools...Apply???
- Investigate a Europe trip
- Visit Aaron and/or take Road Trip
- Get passport
- Buy MacBook
- Sell House and get Apartment
- Get out of the house more....go to more open mics
- Play more pinball!
- Get a new car
- Record 1 or 2 songs at Mike's Studio (Ante Up)
- Start my own open mic night"

Looking at that list now I realize that one year later, I have done every single thing on it (except "Start my own open mic" and techinally my house hasn't sold yet). In my mind, it seems like I haven't done much over the last year, but now I know that I have at least tried (even if it was subconciously) to accomplish some goals. I think I will write a new one for next april:

- Complete at least half of the Appalachian Trail
- Complete sale of house and pay off car
- T/A freshman Geology course
- Decide on Advisor
- Decide on Research interests
- Decide on Thesis
- Investigate possible career paths
- invite family and friends to come to PSU to visit.....often
- email Cleveland Clinic engineers
- Play out acoustic in State College

Thats it for now...


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