Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random stuff

Well I found a place in State College PA. Its Very small, but it is perfect for me. I spent the weekend u-hauling the big stuff there so that if the house sells, I don't have to move out on a moment's notice. I've come up with my first travel destination for the summer too. The first week of May, I'll be leaving for Amicalola State Park in Georgia. (Fly to Atlanta, shuttle to Amicalola). What the Hell is in Amicalola State Park John? Incidentally, it is the Southern Terminus to the Appalachian trail. I've decided I'm going to hike as much of the trail as I feel like (until I get bored or too sore). I have enough food/supplies to go for up to 45 days If I want. I will sending myself supply packages along the way to Post offices along the trail...and will hopefully be sending postcards out too. No matter where I finish, I can always continue where I leave off later on in my life. Should be pretty fun. There will be a lot of people on the trail around this time, so I hopefully won't get too lonely either.

I am also hoping I can coordinate with some friends and have them meet me at certain points to do a few days with me. I know my friend Pat said he'd do 4-5 days when I'm in the Smoky Mountains. if there's anyone reading this that also wants to do a few days with me, let me know.

I made myself a "to do" list of things I have to do before May 1st. Lets just say, its going to get a lot more stressful, before I can finally de-stress. I am determined to get everything done though.

I am a little nervous about starting school this fall....mostly just because I haven't decided specifically what I want my research to be in. Most incoming grad students already know their advisor and research before they even start. I hope to take a few classes my first semester and figure it out from there.

Can't believe I'm 30...and going to be a student again.

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