Tuesday, April 3, 2007

long awaited sigh of relief...

first the short answer factoids:

As of today...I am officially a Nittany Lion.
As of 4/15...I will be unemployed (yikes)
As of 5/1...I will taking some well deserved time off traveling (still planning this)

without going into too much detail...I will say that the past two months have been extremely difficult. Making this decision has been the hardest I have ever made. Every time I would come to a decision, I would literally change my mind the next day. It never seemed that I had a good enough reason to go....or stay. I just kept researching and researching....and looking for that true answer to this. I had lists full of pros and cons for both staying and going. It seemed that I was consistantly trying to convince myself Not to go. Every time I would, I would realize that the reason wasn't quite good enough. I really thought that if I waited long enough, I would have some kind of epiphany....a moment where i would know for sure my answer. I asked every person close to me what their opinion was, and everyone had a different take.

In the end it was somthing very simple that did it for me. I was listening to someone give a talk on friday and she said something like "how many of you said when you were a kid that you wanted to work in a cubicle when you grow up?"

I know I didn't. When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a scientist. I was never sure exactly what kind...but I knew I wanted to study science. Here I have the best offer I could imagine in front of me, and I was actually considering turning it down.

Three days later, I put in my two weeks at work.

All that being said, I am so far out of the fegy comfort zone it is insane. As excited as I am, I am also terrified. It is not in the fegy blood to take risks like this. I literally quit a job of 8 years of which I was vested at...with a nice 403B and great benefits.

Maybe I'm inadvertantly starting a new fegy trend here. hopefully. The world needs more risk takers.

If I crash and burn....I can't ever regret not-trying.

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