Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Update 9

Well...after a 6 day hiatus, I'm back on the trail! I headed out last Friday from Harper's Ferry and have made it to Duncannon, Pennsylvania (mile 1132.9, 1041.1 to go). Tomorrow I head east across PA to Delaware Water Gap and cross the infamous "rocks". Eastern PA is notorious for destroying shoes as the trail is littered with giant boulders and rocks. It is very tough hiking. Luckily I'm getting some new shoes sent to me about half way into it at Port Clinton.

I am officially past the half-way point too. When I made it to mile 1087 at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, I celebrated by participating in the "Half-gallon challenge". It is tradition that any hiker making it half-way, must attempt eating an entire half gallon in one sitting. If you finish, you win a wooden spoon and an honorable membership in the Half-Gallon Club. I am pleased to say that I did in fact finish, although it took me 1 hour and 5 minutes to put it all down.

I Probably won't update again until the PA/NJ border, but I may be able to in Port Clinton...we'll see.

It is definitly nice to know that Mt. Katahdin is officially closer than Springer. I am going to start counting down the miles instead of counting up.

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