Thursday, August 16, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Final Update - Katahdin Defeated!

Well for days I dreamed about writing this blog update. I am sitting at a coffee house in Millinocket Maine about 20 miles from Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin. Yesterday morning I climbed the 4000+ feet to the summit and laid my hands on the sign stating "Katahdin - Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail". It was truly one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my entire life. I have never worked so hard for something, and put myself through such hardship in order to reach a goal. Without question this was the hardest thing I've ever done, but also without question, the most rewarding. I don't know if I'll ever again be able to match the feeling I had on top of that mountain yesterday. I am very anxious to get back to life and start my Masters Program at Penn State. In my final trail journal entry at Baxter State Park, I wrote something that pretty much sums it up:

"I learned more about myself over the past 100 days than I ever thought possible. I met people and made friends that I will keep for a lifetime. I was finally able to say my much needed goodbyes and truly clear my head. Most importantly though, I have filled my empty heart and mind with some of the most amazing memories that any person could ever ask for. I know that I will never forget the summer of 2007. Good luck to everyone reading this and to all those that will thru-hike in the future. Good luck also to all of the amazing people I met along the way. I will miss you all. Signing out for the last time:

Number 85 up Katahdin in the Class of 2007 Thru-Hikers:


I will see you all back in the real world...real soon,


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