Thursday, August 2, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Update 16 - Southern Maine

I don't have much time to update so real quickly here's an update from Andover Maine (mile 1909...~265 to go):

I would love to tell you all that I tackled the Whites with fortitude, bent them over my knee, and spanked them...but the thruth is that they quite literally destroyed me. I never could have possibly imagined just how hard that they were going to be. Don't get me had the best views of any part of the trail, but I am in the roughest and most banged up shape I've been in yet. Here's the ultimate kicker though: When I finally got to Gorham I though, "thank god its over, now i just have 280 miles of maine and I'm home free". Well...Southern Maine has actually been more difficult than the Whites. Even the guide book describes Southern Maine as the "most difficult and challenging part of the trail". I honestly don't know if I physically can stand one more day of hiking in these conditions. It is very frustrating to get this far and have to deal with such horrible trail conditions.

The good news is that I am two days ahead of schedule and can afford to slow down a little. I have also unofficially found a hiking partner (guy named Michael) for the last few days. It's nice to have someone to talk to and to keep my mind of the horrible climbs and descents. We may end up keeping the same pace all the way to Katahdin...don't know.

I may stop in Rangely or Stratton on my way to Caratunk. I don't know yet. Today is going to be a horrible day hiking though....and it is supposed to reach 92 degrees.

well gotta go. only 265 to go....


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