Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well....It's Official (Antarctica '09-'10)

Just found out yesterday that I'm officially slated to return to WAIS Divide Antarctica this upcoming November.  I'll again be going as a combined core handler and physical properties representative.  I had an amazing experience down there this past season and am definitely looking forward to it again.  By the time I leave, I will have defended my Masters degree and will just be waiting for my thesis to be signed off on.  My tentative plan is to apply to PhD programs this fall before I leave (including a Penn State continuation), and decide where I want to continue my studies while down on the ice.  Once I return, I will formalize my acceptance wherever I decide, and make plans for officially starting the new program in the fall.  I then hope to take the summer off and perhaps do a little hiking.  Sounds like a plan....just gotta make it happen now!


...Also.  I just noticed that my CD single is officially up on iTunes now.  Cool!

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Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

Congrats on getting to return to the land of ice this fall! That also means more trekking in New Zealand!

Also, just downloaded "rat race" and "agent no one"!

Excellent job!