Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pacer/Crew for Vermont 100 and Leadville 100?

So earlier this year I signed up for my first 100-miler....the Vermont 100.  This race is to be my 2009 goal for something new and exciting that I will do to will push myself to new limits.  Last year I survived a couple of 50 milers and decided to go one step further.  

This past week I did something even crazier...I signed up for another 100 miler...without even surviving my first.  I signed up for the Leadville 100.  This was the race that I really wanted to sign up for to begin with, but I was worried it would be very expensive getting there.  I was able to secure some cheap airfare and a hostel bunk that will make this trip actually somewhat why not right?

At any rate...I'm in desperate need of some pacers and crew for both of these races.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  It looks like I will have a person helping me for the Leadville, but most likely as a crew member...not pacing.

email me if you're interested:  trower7@gmail dot com

(or leave a comment to this post)

Vermont 100  :  July 17th weekend
Leadville 100:  August 22nd weekend

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