Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tussey Teaser 10K

I decided to to run a 10k this week before my marathon.  While I've run in races of many distances from 1 mile all the way to 50....I have never actually run a 10k.  Of course I told myself to take it easy and not over do it (since the marathon is next week)....but as usual, I ran faster than I should have.  It was a pretty humid/muggy morning, but I finished with a pretty good time of 45:53 (7:23 pace).  Three fellow Penn State Geosciencers (Beth-who ran the Indy Half last weekend, Wendy, and Cici) ran it with me.  So it was just me and the girls this morning.  Look out! :-)

I even won a utility ultra-running belt in the raffle!  woo hoo!'s some pics:

Getting bussed up to the start
Fellow PSU'ers Beth, Wendy, Cici
...being an idiot (as usual)


Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

Congrats on your 10K PR time, that was an awesome 10K time! 7:23 is a pretty quick pace! I have the same problem...when I am in a race I just can't hold back and just run!

Did Beth win the women's division?


Lakewood said...

beth had some trouble today and ended up getting hurt about half-way through. She still ran fast (by my standards), but didn't run her normal "fast" pace. Think she was still recovering from last weekend.

The course was mostly all down I got lucky. It was pretty humid out, but we all had a good time....which was the whole point.