Thursday, June 4, 2009

Double Shot of Doh!

So I got a couple shots of bummy news today.  First off, I found out that I was not selected in the NYC Marathon Lottery.  My buddy Aaron and I were hoping to both run in it on November first, but the lottery only gives people about a 30% chance of getting in.  Turns out both of us were just turned down.  Looks like we'll have to try again next year.

Secondly, I also found out that the Ice/Glacier class I signed up for in Italy also declined my application.  The Karthaus class is a 10 day class offered in Europe that focuses on glacier dynamics.  There were an extraordinary number of applicants this year, and they gave preference to PhD students.  Perhaps next year.  

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Aaron said...

I actually read on that this year it was more like 1 in 5 got in...we never had shot. Anyway, New York has a policy that if you try three times unsuccesfully, you get in automatically the fourth time (or is it fifth?). Maybe I'll change my name to Katie Holmes or Lance Armstrong.