Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snowy Montana and Mapping

So we are in Montana now and we just spent the past 4 days mapping in Elk Basin.  The students broke into groups of two, and split up across the basin to map the various Cretaceous units (ranging from the Cody Shale up to the Judith River Formation).

We are staying at the YBRA (Yellowstone Bighorn Research Assoc) which has been around and affiliated with Penn State for over 50 years.  There are small cabins and a galley that students live/eat in.  The camp, is a couple thousand feet up Mt. Maurice and is tucked away nicely within the trees.  I woke up the first morning to a nice dusting of snow (in June).

View from outside my cabin door.
View from YBRA (snow covered mtns)
Section of a "filled out" topo map.

We have a few more days here in Red Lodge Montana (YBRA), and then head to Yellowstone for a couple of days of camping and sight seeing.

Then, I head home.

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