Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finger Lakes Fifties Preview

Hello everyone,

This 4th of July weekend, starts my summer of super-ultra runs. After putting down the Pocono Marathon quite nicely, I have shifted my attention back over to trails. First up is the weekend's Finger Lakes Fifties. I am treating this race in a very different manner than my previous fifties. My goal is to complete the Vermont 100 in a couple of weeks and this Finger Lakes "race" is simply a very long training run. I singed up to run it because it allows me to visit with my family up in Rochester easier, and because I was able to sign up for both the 50m and 50k simultaneously. What I mean by this, is that because the course is made up of 16 mile loops, I have the option of quitting after 2 loops (ie 50k)....and still receive a finishers medal for the 50k. This means I have no pressure to finish the 50 miler (although I still obviously want to). I am looking ahead to my greater goals of Vermont and Leadville.

If the weather ends up being crappy, or I start getting very sore, I have the option to quit and still not get a DNF.


The course sounds great. I'll be winding through a ~16 mile loop in the Finger Lakes National Forest three times (with a ~3 mile final small loop at the very end). The elevation gain is nominal (approx 1200ft per loop), so it shouldn't be too extreme. The only maybe will be the weather.

Wish me luck, and if you want to read up on the details....here's the link:

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Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

Good luck with the 50 miler this saturday! Cant wait to hear the lowdown on it! It definetly looks fun, I just wish we had something like that around here in Indiana!