Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Week at WAIS

Things are progressing here.  We've drilled our first ice cores and everyone is happy.  Today is Sunday, so we all have off.  All in all, everyone is in good spirits and we are all excited christmas is close.  The season starts in full 3 shift mode tomorrow!  Here are some pic highlights from this week:

I got to sit in the cockpit of the DC-3 Basler.  It wasn't to much different than the Cessnas I've flown

Image of the Instruments

view of tent city on a cloudless evening

Dug a backlit snow pit

After I sampled it (density and isotopes)

 We drilled our first core of the season!

First core of 09/10 season

I got to marshall in an LC-130 Herc plane.  Basically this
means I stood on the skiway and directed it in.

One of the other core handlers broke her leg right before coming
down, so carved her name in snowblocks and set her this pic.

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