Thursday, December 17, 2009

WAIS Divide Sea Level Approaching!

Greetings again from WAIS Divide.  We've moved to three shifts and we are drilling like maniacs.  We are now regularly pulling up 3.4 meter cores each run (over 1 meter longer than last year).  When we reach a depth of about 1750 meters, we will be somewhere near sea are all having a "Sea level party" this weekend.  Everyone brought beachside attire and beach-themed items and we are going to celebrate being over half-way to the bottom of the ice sheet.  Should be fun.

Otherwise, things are pretty routine now.  I've been getting samples on a regular basis that I have to mount and prepare for next summer at the NICL.  Also, several people have left camp already, including Bruce and Geoff.  Christmas is one week away, and people are getting excited about that.  Looking forward to a nice dress-up dinner and some gift exchanging.

I'm missing AGU back home right now where a lot of my grad student and faculty cohorts are presenting their research and posters, and giving talks (including my advisor).

I've been running pretty regularly here up and down the skiway (much more than last year).  It's hard to keep it up though.  It's very boring and very cold.

Thats about it, I'll try to update again soon.


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Rovious said...

See that your insights this year are a little different than last. I have put my JMT hike in stone and hopefully we can do this togethter - July 31- Aug 15, 2010. Let me know if this will work for you?