Monday, April 19, 2010

PCT Prep #6: Shave and a haircut, two bits

Ready To Hike

Call it laziness, call it curiosity, call it apathy....whatever you want to call it, my experiment with growing my hair out longer than normal, has come to a violent end today.  With my hike just mere days away, the time for a nice trim was here.  The last thing I want to deal with in sunny, hot california, is a head full of greasy, unshowered hair.  So it went....and it went quickly.  The clippers were brought out, dusted off, and put to work.

All that is left to do now in State College is say some tough goodbyes, present a final poster at our yearly colloquium series at school, and have a final chat with my advisor.  Tomorrow night, I'll be in Rochester frantically packing my food drops.

I have one final box of stuff that I've been accruing over the past 2 weeks of little things I forgot to get.

Last Box of Stuff Needed for Packing

I'm still patient.  While I'm excited to take this journey....There is still a part of me that does not want to go....and rather stay here with people I would rather stay with.  But,  I suppose any time we go on journeys like this, we are all faced with our own conflicts....and I know I must still go on this walk.

So I will.

Next update will be from rochester, and will hopefully be of my gear, and PO boxes AFTER they are done.

take care everyone,


oh and for your viewing pleasure ;-)

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darkbodhi said...

Lakewood--I really hope you keep you blog up to date! I can't wait to follow you on your journey! If you happen to run into Toothfairy, tell her "hi" for me (I hiked with her on the CDT).

May your adventures be many, your friends true, and your days long! ~The Gimp