Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas week...part 2

Out for a ski...and getting a little icy...
Dooley, our CAT operator, creating a little Christmas spirit

Yet another Christmas Week update. Yesterday was our first day of 24 hour continuous ice core drilling. We are on three shifts now and luckily I'm still doing 1st. Generally my day is about 50% core handling and 50% independent science studies (ie snow pit, chip studies, thin sections etc.)

We are all looking forward to Christmas and the day off. Everyone gets unlimited access to the satellite phone as well, so we can all make a few calls home.

I've been trying to keep my fitness level up here as well. Obviously it is a bit more difficult to run here (although I've been out a few times), so I've been doing quite a bit of x-country skiing. We get another flight in today, so this also means we get 2 new people and some fresh food! I'll try to update Christmas day,


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