Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final Update from Civilization

It's official. I went up tonight to the departure building and did what they call the "Bag Drag". They weighed all my baggage and tent/sleep kit for a flight scheduled to depart for WAIS tomorrow at 5:30 PM. I will be flying on an LC-130 Hercules plane and the flight is about 4-5 hours long. In other good news, I found out that my science gear is flying out tonight ahead of me and will be waiting for me when I get there tomorrow.

So far I would say that I've had a pretty good time here in McMurdo. The first few days were a bit hectic, but these past few have been great. I've done almost all of the trails offered here, and have met a lot of great people.

This afternoon I went for another hike around the Hut Point Loop trail with fellow Penn State Goesciencer, Marco. In the sun it was easily 40 degrees. It was warmer than PA by a lot. Took some photos of some seals...but still no penguin sightings (although Marco did see one a few days ago and does have a picture of it).

The though of having no internet access for 1 and half months kind of sucks, but I will send out a few email updates when I can. Have a great Christmas and New Years everyone and I update once I'm back in McMurdo.

A lot of scientists use Antarctica as an analogue for Mars.
You can see why from this picture.
Standing near Hut Point with Mt. Discovery in the distance

Talk to you all soon!!!

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