Monday, December 15, 2008

Week 2 at WAIS

Looking at my snowpit at WAIS Divide
I survived week 1 here on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Today we should be pulling up our first piece of ice core (roughly 581 meter depth). I spent the last couple of days digging a snow pit in order to look at annual/seasonal layers. I'm also hoping to get density and isotope samples.
There's a line of people waiting for the computer so I can't really update anymore. I'll try to fill in more this weekend. Also, I plan on sending out a detailed email to those of you who got my first one. On another side note, I found out that there is an official blog for our whole team that we are all updating. I think it can be found here:


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Jeremiah said...

Man, that is a very cool photo! The vividness of the blue ice is so amazing! Glad to hear that your having a great time!