Saturday, December 6, 2008

Leaving McMurdo & a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS

Well I got an official flight and date to leave for WAIS: Tuesday, Dec 9th

This actually works out perfect since I've just about done all the fun things there are to do in this town, and I'm itching to move on. I spent the day today hiking the "Castle Rock Loop". It is a 9 mile hike all over a glacier. It was pretty incredible. I took a lot of pictures, but my camera seems to be having a lot of trouble down here. All of the snow and ice is making my camera think it's too bright. This results dark pictures, where I come out as basically a black shadow. If I adjust the settings so that I come out clear, than the rest of the pic becomes washed out. It's tricky.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once I leave McMurdo, I will no longer have internet access. This means no blog updates. I will, however, have limited access to a single email address for txt only emails. If you want to get in touch or get updates from me while at WAIS, the email is:

Mt Erebus (Background) and Castle Rock (Right) as seen
from the Castle Rock Loop Hiking Trail
Doing a little glacier disco

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Jeremiah said...

Nice pics Lakewood!

I figured you would get some hiking in while you could! ;O) Don't have to many glaciers on the AT! lol.

God bless,