Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in the running game....

Well folks, I'm back in it. At least things are looking good so far anyway.

I went out yesterday for a nice and easy 4 mile run, and had absolutely no foot pain. When I got home, I made sure to stretch for a long time and ice the foot a little. The real test was this morning to see if there was any residual pain. I'm happy to report that I am up and walking around this morning with no pain whatsoever.

I am going to go out again late tonight and try for an easy 6, and see how I feel, but it appears that I'm ready to ease back into my full running schedule again.

...This means Leadville might still be a real possibility.


1 comment:

Carri Westbrook said...

That is great news. I know you are really looking forward to Leadville.