Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Found a Pacer for Vermont 100!

Good news everyone! The Vermont 100 staff has placed me with a pacer: Chris Wolff. I've emailed him and it sounds like it's going to be a great setup. He is also an avid runner that is getting his feet wet in the ultrarunning scene by doing this pacing gig here at Vermont. From the email I received it sounds like he will be in similar shoes by this time next year. His girlfriend is also pacing another runner at Vermont, so they are definitely putting in a lot of volunteer hours for this race between the two of them....which of course is Awesome! They are both coming in from Burlington VT, so the drive shouldn't be too long for them either.

This is a huge weight off of my back, and now I can focus on my drop bags, and various other supplies. To all of my State College friends that offered to help, I am sincerely grateful. I could never have asked any of you to drive 8 hours each way to give up a whole weekend for me (for a race that I might not even finish)....yet you still openly offered. It is hard to find friends like you.

Of course the invite is always open, but at this point, any role would simply be as a crew member at aid stations.....not a particularly glamorous or a productive use of a weekend.

Anyhoo....I'm off to buy batteries, gels, caffeine tabs, medical tape...etc...

Starting to get a little excited!


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Anonymous said...

That is great news - I am very excited for you.