Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Corvallis Oregon.....and More MUD photos

Well, as soon as I got back to Penn State from the Finger Lakes 50 ultra run, I find myself off traveling again. This time, I'm out in Corvallis Oregon (at Oregon State Univ) for the PAGES Conference. Pages (PAst Global changES) is a conference that focuses on studying the Earth's past environment in order to make predictions for the future. Because my research is focused on recent climate change, my advisor and I thought this would be a good conference to attend. (Plus the fact that he is speaking at the conference helped too.)

I'm presenting a poster of my research titled,

"Using Bubble Number-Densities of WAIS Glacier Ice as a Paleoclimatic Reconstruction Tool: Methods and Current Findings"

WAIS being West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Should be a great conference...and I'm really excited to see Oregon. It is one of the few states I haven't been too, and I'm certainly going to make use of the rental car and any free time I get. I might even try to skip up to Crater Lake. I'd love to do some trail running out here, but I'm still very sore from the Finger Lakes Run. I plan to start easing into it tomorrow, but will only run short distances as the Vermont 100 is in 11 days.

So far I love this town though. Driving down the main street I saw this combination of shops:

Food Co-op
Coffee House
Sushi Bar
Small Record Store
Organic Coffee Shop
Used Book Store
Tea House
Thai Restaurant
Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant
Coffee House

I could get used to this....

OH...and for those who still don't believe me about the mud at the Finger Lakes Fifties....this should quell any doubt you might have had:

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