Thursday, July 23, 2009

Radiologist says "Negative"

as far as he/she can tell....BUT if symptoms/pain persist in 7-10 days, to come in for an additional x-ray. There's always the possibility of a small fracture that was missed.

I'm taking this as good news that it is just a pull/strain. It has been feeling better everyday, but is still pretty tight. I am bummed that I will fall a little out of peak running shape, but I'd rather not re-injure and aggravate the foot before it's healed (and nix Leadville for good).

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Derrick said...

Any chance you can get a bone scan done to know for sure? Quite often a stress fracure won't show up on an x-ray until after 2 weeks, once it has started to heal and calcify. would be nice for you to know soon, so you can maximize your recovery time if needed now.

Good luck!