Saturday, May 12, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Update 3

Well, I made it to Hot Springs (Mile 270). Not much to this town. When I asked a local hiker how big the town was they said, "If you threw a dead cat from downtown, it would land outside of town". That pretty much sums it up.

I got a small motel room...not nearly as nice as in Fontana, but anything is better than sleeping on the ground. Its amazing how much we take for granted. I am simply amazed that there's a thing that you can turn, and water comes out of it..I'm just so used to filtering from streams.

As far as an injury update: I am pretty sore all over. The good news is that my right ankle has gotten better...that bad news is that both my knees are really sore from all the recent down hills, and that I have an infection brewing in my big toe (due to bad cutting of toenail).

As much as I want to stay on schedule, I am seriously considering taking a "zero day". This is what the AT hikers call taking an entire day off from hiking. In all honesty, I think the body needs it once in a while just to heal up a bit. Otherwise, you risk running yourself into the ground.

I'll have my cell phone tomorrow, so I can finally call some of you. I decided it was just easier to carry it. This way I can call towns ahead of time to book rooms too.

take care everyone!

-john "lakewood"

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