Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Update 5

Greetings from Damascus Virginia...Mile 459. It was a long, brutal hike into Damascus, but well worth it. I busted butt the past few days so that I would only have 10 miles to hike into town today. I got here about 10:00 am and already found a b & b to stay at. They do my laundry, have free snacks, internet, and give me free beer. Like I said though, I earned it. I did 29.5 miles yesterday, and 34.5 the day before that (a personal record). From everything I have seen, it looks as though there's about 100 more miles in Virginia of tough mountains before things even out. So I guess I'm not to the easy stuff just yet. I had a set back with my antibiotics. The place they were sent to were closed the day I got there, so I couldn't pick them up. My toe hasn't really gotten any worse, but not any better either. I asked the place I sent them to, to forward them to the Damascus PO. Hopefully they are here. I'll know in about 30 minutes.

I am very glad to be done with North Carolina and Tennessee. Now I have Virginia to deal with for a long 550 miles. I will say the few mountains I climbed after Roan Mountain were probably the most amazing yet (Specifically Hump Mountain).

I hope all is well with everyone back in C-town and Rochester. I miss everyone. I am still planning on taking at least 5 days off in mid june when I get to Harper's Ferry (the half way point). I have taken a lot of pictures and short videos with my camera and will upload them to my johnfegy site as soon as I'm on my break (roughly June 18th or so)

I still can't believe I've walked almost 459 miles straight. It occurred to me that I've basically walked from Cleveland to New York City. 459 down, 1715 to go.

I'll write again soon...but at worst, in Pearisburg 7 days from now.


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