Thursday, May 17, 2007

Appalachian Trail - Update 4

Erwin, TN...Mile 338

Well, overall I think the zero day was a good thing. I got to spend a whole day in Hot Springs with some really good people. It was tough to say goodbye to them all....but I must move on. I made it to Erwin this afternoon and decided to stay at a Hostel (Uncle Johnny's) for $15.00. Great little place. Every hostel on the trail has the same type of feel. Very welcoming. Extremely friendly people.

My toe is not really getting any better, but I have antibiotics coming tomorrow. Hopefully, it will finally clear up with the help of a little amoxicillan.

I am really looking forward to Damascus, VA. Both Georgia and North Carolina have been roller coasters. They are loaded with what hikers call "PUDS"...pointless ups and downs. (and MUDS...mindless ups and downs)From what everyone tells me, VA gets a little bit easier...especially Shenendoah. Seriously, for the past few weeks, I've climbed 3000 feet...then descended 3000 feet....then climbed 3000 feet...all day, everyday. I've lost about 10 pounds already and I eat everything in sight when I'm in town. Its great to be able to eat anything and not worry about gaining weight. Average thru-hikers burn 5000-6000 calories a day. I'm doing 25+ miles a day, so for me its more like 6000 calories. Every try to eat 6000 calories? It's like 2 pizzas...a day! Anyway....I found out that the A.T. has more elevation gain than both the Contintental Divide and Pacific Crest trail combined. Amazing. If you hike the entire A.T....its like hiking from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest and down, 16 times. That's right 16!

In two days I will summit Roan Mountain...the last 6000 + ft mountain until Mt. Washington up in New Hampshire.

That's it for now. I'm gonna go make some phone calls. My cell phone actually has a signal here in Erwin.


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