Wednesday, December 3, 2008

McMurdo Update

McMurdo Update...

I made it to McMurdo Antarctica on Monday afternoon and have been doing ok since. I had to take a mandatory 2 day "snow school" where I learned all the basics of surviving in extreme temps (ie radio coms, emergency shelters, etc.). I spend the next couple of days taking a bunch of classes for snowmobiles and environmental issues and then get my gear and supplies ready to ship off to WAIS. Tentatively, I'm scheduled to head out Monday or Tuesday. This gives me 4 days to pack up gear and get all my science equipment ready. I'm gonna try to upload some pics, but the internet here is extremely limited, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to.

some things I've learned while down here:

1. The hole in the ozone must be extreme, because even when snowy, you burn in about 10 minutes.

2. 20 degrees is considered a really nice warm day.

3. There's actually times when the white outs are so bad here, they have to tie ropes between buildings for people to find their way.

4. Sleeping in a snow cave is "fun"

5. a C17 is a huge friggin plane

6. people like to drink a lot in antarctica

7. The main dorm room feels (and sounds) like a typical college freshman dorm

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Jeremiah said...


unreal...20 degrees is a warm day, and I can't imagine you would have that much skin showing to burn in 10 mins! lol.

Sounds like a really cool adventure so far!

Enjoying the updates!