Saturday, January 3, 2009

Closing in on 1000!!!

Sometime later today we will hit a depth of 1000 meters of ice. Everyone is anticipating it and we are all preparing for a little mini-celebration. The end of season is closing in fast. We have less than 3 weeks of drilling left. We are still deep within the "brittle ice zone", but it is starting to get slightly better as more of the trapped bubbles have turned into clathrate-hydrate crystals.
Very soon, the ice that comes up will be completely clear and very ductile. This will also make logging the core much easier as there will be less fractures, breaks, and spalls to document.
Yesterday I filled in for a fellow core handler and did a full day of logging core. It was a long day...but fun. Today it's back to working on some of my own stuff, and running the DEP.
No new real here are some random ones from my camera....
Passed out after the Olympic Sled Pull
Sled racing on Christmas Day
Sleeping on the LC-130 Flight

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