Friday, January 23, 2009

Good News....Bad News....

Hey everyone! Well...the good news is that thursday night, we pulled up the last ice core of the season successfully from a depth of 1512 meters. It has been an extraordinarily successful year here at wais divide. Everyone was very nervous at the onset about the brittle ice and no one was sure just how far we'd get. The fact that we made it to our goal of 1500 meters AND 1 day ahead of schedule says a lot about the determination of everyone here. Being able to obtain 18 physical properties samples was a huge bonus as well

The bad that I've already had two flights canceled on me to leave here. I just found out that this morning (saturday) flight has now also been nixed which means that I won't go now until at least Monday. (There are no Sunday flights). I'm starting to see how Sridhar must have felt being kept here longer than expected. I spent the day yesterday helping the core handlers boxing up and packing all of the gear for shipment....but today I think I'm going to spend the day planning some NZ logistics. I've had all my bags packed now for 3 days and have been living out of a single carry-on bag hoping to get out of here. It looks like it's time to bust out the big bag again.....

I guess the way I should be looking at this is.....I'm surrounded by great people, in a great place....with plenty of good food to eat. What's the rush? right? NZ is not going anywhere.

I'll check in from mcmurdo....whenever it is that I get there....

Last ice core of 2008-2009 season
Celebrating in the Arch after the last core was processed
Brian and I toasting to a good season
"Breaking Down" the DEP for shipment :-)

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