Thursday, January 1, 2009

Coffee Corner at WAIS

I had a little extra internet time this morning, so I thought I'd add a little blurb about Patrick's Coffee Corner. Every Sunday (or Holiday), one of the drillers (Patrick) does an impromptu "Coffee Corner". Back home, he works at Starbuck's and he made sure to bring a lot of good coffee. The basic setup, is that he sets up about 4 blends, brews them in French Plungers, and then gives us the background about the coffees. He tells us some history, what makes each blend unique, and then a little bit about why he loves working at Starbucks. It's a really great little session he puts on....
Patrick giving us the lowdown on "good" coffee
Coffee Corner Setup
And just because I've had a lot of people ask me......

Yes...this is the crapper ( of them)

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