Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Night in Antarctica

As far as last nights go....I can't complain about mine here in Antarctica. I spent the morning running around getting all my cargo back, but was able to finally relax once late afternoon rolled around. After I dropped my bags off for my outbound flight tomorrow, I headed over to the McMurdo Coffee House for some live Bluegrass music. Tonight was the last performance of the all Antarctic band: Phatass Bluegrass. On my way over, a giant ice-breaker was pulling into port....something I was not expecting. I sat at the coffee house for a couple hours, drank a few glasses of wine, talked with all my fellow WAISers, and even danced a little. It was a great time. I head out tomorrow right after lunch, so I definitely made sure to say some goodbyes tonight.

Ice Breaker Pulling In

McMurdo Coffee House

Phatass Bluegrass....doing their thing

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