Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kite Flying at 80 Degrees South

Good news! The drill is back up and running and we are again pulling up ice cores. It took over a day and a half to fully repair the fried electrical components. We are in jeopardy now of possibly not making 1500 meters by the end of drilling, but 1400 is certainly still possible. last night was the first night off in 10 days and everyone was happy to celebrate and relax. We started the night with a game of softball in which the new Cresis guys all participated and kicked some serious butt. Later in the night, we all held a big party in the igloo. We were able to fit over 10 people in it at a time before it started to get a bit claustrophobic. Not much else to update. Ken made it back to Christchurch without issue, and a lot of people are leaving camp this upcoming week. It has been really good seeing the Penn State guys the past two days. They've all told me that they had a very successful field season out on Thwaites Glacier.

Someone created a WAIS tabloid...
Flying a kite with Anais out at her science tent
Logan enjoying the igloo party.

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Boris T said...

How are the winds for kite flying down at the pole?