Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last week at WAIS...

And so starts my last Monday here at WAIS. The camp is buzzing with talk of our new president being sworn into office. Yesterday we had another successful coffee house and talent show where I not only played a few more songs, but also participated in a stand up improv show. It went over pretty well.

As a side joke, I also wrote a poem in honor of Brian...a fellow worker down here. Brian seems to think that one particular joke is extremely funny....and likes to tell it to everyone (multiple times). The joke is pretty lame and goes something like:

What do you get when you cross a brown chicken...with a brown cow?
Answer: Brownchicken-Browncow (said with best 70's style porno accent kinda like you'd say bow-chicka-wow-wow). I know....pretty lame right. Because he seems to enjoy it so much though...I wrote him this poem:

To Brian,

So clear an ear, and widen your eyes
For there's quite a story to convey.
Heretofore not much as passed,
'Til this tale of lust which I now relay.

It was on this one still and cool autumn night
the wil-o-the-wisp hovering o'er their feet,
Replete with sounds of crickets
Twas on old Wilson's farm that two lovers did meet.

She had eyes that glowed of wonder
and a voice that made men weep.
Oh so soft to his coarsen touch
twas the hottest chick he ever did meet.

He was an uncouth and scratchy stud
that all the men envied and admired
branded a raucous rebel from youth,
he set the ladies' hearts afire.

So on this here night;
....Of passion they were o'ertaken.
Old Wilson heard strange sounds of lust
Was quite disturbing....don't be mistaken

And so, these opposites did here attract
on old Wilson's farm as fate would allow.
These two dark and mysterious lovers did meet,
and became known as......Brown Chicken........Brown Cow

The end.

His response was something like, "Dude, can I get a copy of that!" other news,

Dooley (Heavy Machine Operator) and Nic (General Assistant) created an official airport Wais Divide Skiway marker by carving a giant "WSD" into the snow. Also, Elizabeth (Driller) has been knitting hats for people here at camp...and cranks a new one out every few days. I was pretty far down the list, but still managed to get a kick ass hat from her before I head out of here. It's unquestionably the most stylin' hat I've ever owned....:-)

John Robinson telling a story at the Coffee House
Dooley and Nic at the official WSD airport indicator
showing off my kick ass new hat

Elizabeth wearing one of her own...and already planning the next one

That's it for now....
off to getting more samples! woo hoo!

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Jeremiah said...

HEy Lakewood!

Great poem! I am sure it was even funnier being in the moment down there!

BTW...what songs did you sign down there?

Anxiously awaiting your hiking stories in New Zealand!