Saturday, January 17, 2009

One last wild Saturday night...

Last night was certainly a blast here for everyone at camp. Being the last week of drilling, we all knew that it was our last night to blow off some steam. There was a lot overall relaxing, but also a lot of silliness going on. At 9:00, we had a campwide "sleighride" on the huge sled connected to the back of the tucker snow-cat. We drove all the way to the end of the skiway and back. Jay (driller) hooked up a stereo to a small generator so that we had tunes to go with us, and we were certainly not short of snow to make snow balls with. The whole event turned into a crazy snowball fight. Once we got back, everyone sat around playing poker, yahztee and various other games. It was a great last Saturday night for me.

As far as a work update....I did cut my first samples yesterday and I was able to mount them successfully. It's nice to know that I'll get some useful samples out of this field season for the physical properties project.

Tomorrow is the last "Coffee House" talent show, and everyone is getting excited again for it. I hope to post some photos from it later in the week...

loading up for the sled ride
Camp photo

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