Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally getting some samples!!!

It's saturday today and tomorrow is the last day off for me before I head out of here. I got the word yesterday that I can finally start cutting thin section samples. It was unanimously decided that we are officially out of the brittle ice and that it is now ok to cut. This is great news for me, my advisor, and the physical properties project itself. I should be able to get about 20 samples by Friday when drilling stops.

In other news...Sridhar and the gang are still stranded here. Apparently there are only 2 working LC-130 Hercs on continent right now, and the AGAP field camp gets priority since they are trying to break down camp for the season. The earliest we'll get a plane is Monday now. I am slated to leave late next week (Thursday or Friday).

We are having one last Coffee House tomorrow where I'm hoping to perform a couple more songs as well as do some improv stand-up with 3 other people (kind of like the show "who's line is it anyway").

That's about it for are some pics from the week...

Jonathan (Weather) playing softball in a clean snowpit sampling suit
Lone tent on the ice sheet....
Awesome clouds over the ski-way

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