Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 69: Mile 1142.5 (28)

Location: Just past American River

Today was a great day of hiking. Bojangles and i were hoping for big
miles, but not expecting it. We ended up having over 20 miles of
trail and only a handful with snow. After dealing with snow for so
long, having that much trail made for fast and easy walking. Most of
today we hovered around 8000 feet and only had to use compasses
twice. Tomorrow we hit 8700 feet and the don't go over 8100 again.
By this time Friday, we hope to be in Sierra city, celebrating the end
of snowy trail. One thing that has become worse, are the Mosquitos.
Today, we had to use a lot of deet. Part of the reason we managed 28
miles by 6 pm was because we never wanted to stop walking and let the
skeeters get us. From what I understand, they only get worse too.

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Randy said...

Tell Bojangles hi from his mom. It's no coincidence you and he found each other, I had to have a pacemaker implanted on monday 6/28th, so it seems the heart to heart connection is strong. Maybe you two are Jedi Warriors for the heart.
Best of luck on your journey