Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 94: 1836.5 (28.4)

Location: On crater lake rim!

Yes the Mosquitos were again horendous today...even worse than
yesterday. Yes, I got to walk into mazama and have an all you can eat
lunch...both noteworthy comments for today. Both insignificant as far
as I'm concerned though. At 7 pm tonight I walked up to the rim of
crater lake and gazed out over it's incredible existence. Of all the
amazing sights I have seen and experienced on any trail, sitting up
here now looking out over this wonder of nature has me completely
dumbfounded. The most amazing trail experience ever, short of
finishing the AT. To make it better, I'm camped up on the rim and
will watch an amazing sunrise tomorrow over it. Seriously, it doesn't
get any better. I'm going to submit this journal entry and enjoy this
moment as long as I can...

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