Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 93: Mile 1808.1 (37.3)

Location: Creek near devils peak

Today had some good things associated with it: waking up in a nice
shelter, easy walking with no big climbs, great views, big miles,
etc. BUT...these are all moot points as the day can be summed up with
one word. There is one word that can describe how every step of every
mile went today. There is one word to describe nearly every thought
that obsessed in my mind today. That word: Mosquitos.

The worst Mosquitos I've ever dealt with, period. Had pants on, rain
shell, bathed in 100% deet, headnet....didn't matter. Swarms of the
horrendous bloodsuckers followed me all 38 miles. Stopping to get
water became a game of how furiously fast can I fill up before going
mad. Any tiny amount of exposed flesh was bitten multiple times. Each
swat on a sleeve or leg resulted in 5 or 6 dead villains on my hand.
It was awful. I couldn't wait to set up my tent and dive in, so that
I could finally breathe. Ugh. Straightjacket and I barely talked to
each other all day....we simply moved trying not to notice the clouds
of vampiric demons hovering over us.

Good news is that in 22 miles tomorrow, I'll be staring out over the
rim of crater lake! (after a eating at the mazama pizza buffet!).
Can't wait.

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