Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 87: Mile 1635.5 (29.2)

Location: Paradise Lake

Great day out of town today. We went to bobs ranchhouse for
breakfast, and got a ride back up to the trailhead by 9:15. We all
wanted to set ourselves up for an early afternoon arrival into seiad
valley, so we hiked pretty fast. At 7 pm, we arrived at paradise lake
pretty tired, but with a manageable 25 tomorrow (mostly all
downhill). No one has decided yet on the pancake challenge at the
cafe that features 5 enormous pancakes weighing a pound each! If you
finish them all, they are free and you get bragging rights. Whatever
I decide to do, it is exciting to be near the last town in Cali, and
with only 65 miles to Oregon! The marble mountains today were

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