Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 78: Mile 1356.6 (20.8)

Location: Campsite near trail

Wow...what a day. After leaving Chester, we hiked a quick and steady
18 miles to the famous drakesbad guesthouse. We were expecting maybe
a little food and a dip in their hot springs. What we got was thru
hiker heaven. After an hour long pool dip, we played a game of
scrabble while the staff brought us hot cocoa. Then for ten dollars,
we had an exquisite dinner. We are talking lamb, salmon, multiple
salads breads, even a bottle of red wine. Every time we would finish
something, the servers would say, " here's some more...we know you
guys are hungry". I seriously thought we must have died on the trail
and been in some kind of hiker heaven. To top it off, we each had
four pieces of iced carrot cake. We left at 8 pm and hiked 3 miles
out, laughing and giggling the entire time.

In all seriousness, drakesbad guest ranch is the greatest hiker stop/
trail magic ive ever received.....ever. Any hiker reading this, DO

Tomorrow, it's an easy 20 into old station.

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