Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 97: Mile 1936.5 (29.2)

Location: Just before riffle lake

For the first time since Kennedy meadows (mile 700), I'm flying solo
again. This morning, I headed into shelter cove resort for my
resupply, and straightjacket went ahead to resupply in Sisters.
Looking back, I've had a really great run of hiking partners. Before
Kennedy meadows, I hiked on and off with a few people (ie Ishmael,
furniture, rally, mango, disraeli gears, etc), but for the most part i
was going solo. At KM started my run of great hiking partners. Let's
see if I can get it straight:

From KM to Mather Pass I hiked with moleman, guthook, motor, crowdog,
Kerry, ed, and joker

From Mather to Bridgeport I hiked with just crowdog and Kerry

From Bridgeport to tahoe I hiked with just Kerry

From tahoe to bucks lake I hiked with bojangles until ed caught back
up and we all hiked to belden

At belden, ed, bojangles, and I hiked with wander and smiletrain to
old station.

Leaving old station I started hiking with ed and sandman and we went
all the way to seiad valley together.

In seiad valley, we picked up straightjacket and the four of us hiked
to Ashland. After Ashland , ed and sandman went ahead and I hiked
with just straightjacket until today when he went ahead.

So here I sit, riding solo with a few people just in front and a bunch
just behind. Walking in central Oregon today was quiet and solitary
(except for the mosquito hum). My mind drifted and I made my way to
29 mile day after enjoying a 3 hour stopover at shelter cove.
Tomorrow i will hit elk lake and probably have a short day. Might
even get a cabin or something.

Came up with some haikus today while hiking:

Evil Mosquitos
Demonic little monsters
Kill them all now...DIE!

What is that humming?
Mosquitos are everywhere
I'm going insane.

(obviously I'm starting to go mad)

1 comment:

Jeremiah said...

hey lakewood,

you need a pic of you in your mosquito gear before you finally get rid of the mosquitos! I dont think I would of made it...hate, hate, hate mosquitos...but they love me!

Keep on hiking!