Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 79: Mile 1377.7 (21.1)

Location: The Heitmans (old station)

Super fast and easy day of hiking today. We left our campsite at
5:30, on a mission to make old station by 1 pm. After 21 miles of
super highway style walking, we rolled in at noon. 21 miles by
noon...that's a record for me. Staying tonight with the heitmans,
another trail angel. They haveva great setup here...even have
Internet and a tree house you can stay in! Tomorrow we head up the
hat creek rim, a hot waterless stretch over 30 miles long. We
received a report that the castle craggs area north of here is still
snowy and that the forest service may even have a section closed due
to dangerous snow. Can't be worse than anything we've seen already.
Next mail drop is in castella, 130 miles away. Now...I'm off to lay
in a hammock.

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