Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 86: Mile 1606.3 (22.1)

Location: Etna!

Well, here we are in the last real trail town in Cali. With less than
100 to Oregon, I have been having some mixed feelings. The trail has
been beautiful, but I'm ready for a new state. In two days we walk
through the small village of seiad valley (the last overall town in
Cali), where there is only a small cafe and store. Seiad valley is
the hottest town on the pct, with temps usually well over 100 in
July. By Wednesday, I hope to be standing at the sign that says,
"Oregon". The hiker hut here in etna is great. Bunks to sleep in,
hot showers, and loaner clothes. Went to dottys for a jumbo shake,
and then hit the local micro brewery for a blackberry blonde beer.
Also, there is a bluegrass festival in town tonight. Good times....

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Carri (Fegyveresi) Westbrook said...

Nice shorts - Are they womens?
That is great- I am so glad you posted that pic. After you told me that I had to see what you were wearing.