Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 70: Mile 1164 (21.5)

Location: Near basin peak.

Well today had it's ups and downs. Started the day with some very
difficult and icy snow traverses. By mid morning, we were walking on
a beautiful exposed ridgeline section near Anderson peak. It was one
of my favorite pieces of trail yet. Just like Franconia. We got to
donner and we walked to the ski lodge for lunch. It turned out to be
closed on Thursdays so we ate our own lunches. While there, I lost my donner pass. The small foam pad i was carrying since
kickoff that I used as my butt pad, blew away in some strong winds.
Doh! The the evening got worse. We headed across interstate 80
(which was weird as i80 is the same highway that goes by my apartment
back in PA), and the woods were completely snow covered. South
facing, at a low 7200 feet, and no trail for mlles. This was so
frustrating. It really feels like the snow will never end. Don't
know how much more I can take.

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