Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 82: Mile 1482.4 (33.9)

Location: campsite near old road

Holy crap. This makes three plus-30 mile days in a row. The terrain
has been relatively easy, but it's still hard to believe we've covered
104 miles in three days. I've done all three with ed and sandman.
There is only one true thru-hiker shard of is right now
(straightjacket) and he is only one day up. Tomorrow, we are all
heading into castella on I-5 to resupply, and then it will be the
final push to Oregon. Today we hit some snow around mushroom rock at
5900 feet. Significant snow too. We've heard the trinity area north
of castella is still pretty snowy, and we get back up to 7500. Might
need that compass again. Doh!

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