Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 98: Mile 1958.3 (21.8)

Location: Bend, OR

What a great day...and much needed. As I lay here in this comfy motel
bed in Bend, I think back to how this day transpired. I started
walking before sunrise with the usual swarm close behind. I made my
way past multiple lakes and stagnant ponds until I finally reached the
side trail for elk lake. I strolled down to the resort through a
burned section that was free of Mosquitos....a nice break. At the
resort i ate up and enjoyed good conversation with some sobos. (they
gave me the snow/bug scoop for north). I had thought about staying at
the resort, but decided to give local trail angel Lloyd gust a call.
Lloyd defines the term trail angel. He takes hikers into bend from
multiple stops along the pct, and asks for no money in return. If you
tip him, he donates all of it to the pcta. Truly one of the kindest
people I've ever met. After speaking with him, he agreed to come get
me and take me to town. Once o got here, I was able to get trekking
pole tips and a camera case at the rei, do laundry, buy food at the
grocery outlet, eat pizza, dry stuff out, and get a room at a cheap
motel (with cont. Breakfast). Lloyd even agreed to come get me at
7:15 tomorrow and take me back to the trail. Awesome. I had no plans
on a bend trip, but I needed a break from the Mosquitos and needed a
shower. I am rejuvinated now and ready to tackle the Three Sisters.
More than half way through Oregon now and should be in cascade locks
next thursday. so pleased when things work out well.

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