Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 10: Mile 178.6 (10.6)

Location: Idyllwild, CA

Wow....lots of scary snow. The past 10 miles were very difficult.  Several unsettling and terrifying sections. It took 6 hours to go 6 miles, and I had no microspikes or axe....just trekking poles. Not fun. There are a lot of people in town that are all trying to decide what to do. It's kind of a crappy atmosphere. A group of is are
talking about roadwalking 17 miles around fuller ridge (San jacinto).  San Gregorino is supposed to also be bad. In addition, there is a closed section of the pct coming up that has no reroute yet. Kind of a crappy spot to be in. But hey, I'm in Cali, hiking, and having fun. Been hanging with Ishmael, Furniture, and Sam. Good group.

Might zero tomorrow.

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